Tribute to Robin Williams

by Lanny Donoho It’s odd how the death of someone you have never met can grieve your spirit so much. Millions of people (including myself) felt like they knew him. We can all name the Genie, Mork, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Good Will […]

The Invisible Gorilla

The Door Study CLICK THE DOOR STUDY ABOVE AND COUNT THE PASSES BELOW TO SEE SOME INTERESTING STUFF. How is it possible to get angry at yourself? Who exactly… is mad at whom? What are all those billions and billions of neurons doing inside that head of yours and what […]

Daytona, Andy Stanley, Leadership

I just started writing for exercise today and ended up with this, so I thought I would make it a blog. We just finished our Daytona Camp. Lots of thoughts. Some people are just gifted. Andy Stanley, gifted beyond anyone I know to verbally communicate to any audience. Some people […]

Is it all real? “an excerpt”

Sometimes you run across an excerpt that is intriguing.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on this one. we dont connect unless we are forced to. we have to feel the need. drowning, you reach for the air hose falling, you reach for the rope lonely, you reach for people […]

Stories can change a culture.

Stories are often what changes lives. A friend of mine, Kurt,  was in Kenya recently watching one of those global television stations as it presented a fascinating story.  The setting was in Cambodia where a man from the World Wildlife Foundation was trying to help save a big ol ugly […]


THOUGHTS ON CATALYST 2010 It’s cool to post videos that everyone likes or put odd things or stories or fail blogs on your site. But now and then, ya just wanna chat about life and what it looks like from here.  I just finished helping to produce, brainstorm, perform, MC, […]

Seth Godin’s List

Seth Godin spoke at Catalyst today. Some great concepts to contemplate. Meanwhile on his blog he has posted an interesting list which I am gonna repost here. As Leaders we need to demonstrate strength. This is a great list to consider as you consider your position as a leader. Do […]

Why Moms Matter. Tribute to Martha Jeane Giglio

Why Mom’s Matter. A tribute to Martha Jeane Giglio I didn’t know Louie when he was young. But I have heard some great stories. He wasn’t wild like…in a biker gang carrying sawed off shotguns. But, he didn’t hesitate to be fairly annoying to a lot of people. Like I […]

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