You lose it, you get depressed.  You find it, you get elated. We have an interesting attachment to our “stuff”. A few years ago I lost a flashlight. This might seem a bit boring or trivial, but you should understand, I have a thing for light. I can’t quite explain […]

Unwritten – Lanny’s Next Chapter?

“I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned.” (I’m pretty certain my wonderful blog page manager, Julie, will have something at the bottom of this blog in case you want to listen to the song). This is for those folks at who for the past 25 years have seen […]

Tribute to Robin Williams

by Lanny Donoho It’s odd how the death of someone you have never met can grieve your spirit so much. Millions of people (including myself) felt like they knew him. We can all name the Genie, Mork, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Good Will […]

The Invisible Gorilla

The Door Study CLICK THE DOOR STUDY ABOVE AND COUNT THE PASSES BELOW TO SEE SOME INTERESTING STUFF. How is it possible to get angry at yourself? Who exactly… is mad at whom? What are all those billions and billions of neurons doing inside that head of yours and what […]

Daytona, Andy Stanley, Leadership

I just started writing for exercise today and ended up with this, so I thought I would make it a blog. We just finished our Daytona Camp. Lots of thoughts. Some people are just gifted. Andy Stanley, gifted beyond anyone I know to verbally communicate to any audience. Some people […]

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