Good-Bye Spock – Tell Mork We Said Hello

Was saddened today to hear of Leonard Nimoy’s death.  I wrote just a while back about the death of Robin Williams and the profound impact it had on me as well as the rest of the world. Leonard’s life helped to shape the ideas of story telling and our ideas […]

Science Mike Podcast Part 1

Have you ever had doubts? Wondered if your faith was based on fiction? Are there things you’ve been taught that you just don’t buy anymore? Then you’ll want to hear what Mike McHargue has to say. I heard Mike interviewed on Pete Holmes podcast last year and thought he may […]

The Power of a Button

How many buttons do you use in a day?  Your mind may have just pictured the buttons on your shirt or your jacket…or….you might have thought about the buttons in an elevator, or the button you use to turn on machines like washers, dryers, dishwashers. Then of course a lot […]

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